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2014 / 2015

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  • Pre-registration is required for all classes. Instructors need time to prepare and purchase materials for class. PLEASE NOTE: NO WALK-INS ALLOWED.
  • Minimum enrollments must be received with registration form and fee 2 weeks prior to class unless otherwise noted.
  • Minimum enrollment for all classes is 3 participants.
  • Maximum enrollment will vary with each class. Please note the maximum number of participants with each class description.
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Classes by Date
05/08/2015Mandala Design Made Easy
05/18/2015Needle-Felted Woodland Animal - Baby Opossum, Oliver
05/20/2015Intermediate Spinning 201
06/30/2015Private Tutoring
06/30/2015Small Group Mentoring for a Floor Loom
06/30/2015Planning a Weaving Project

Class Instructor Cost Description Date Status
Private TutoringContact: Linda Rouse$130, 3 hour minimum members
not available non members

$10 loom maintenance fee + handout fee
Want to have one-on-one instruction at the Guild house with an experienced and knowledgeable instructor? Would you like a refresher on how to wind a warp and dress a floor loom from back to front? Set your own goals and find a schedule that works for you. Private tutors are available for weaving on a 4 or 8 harness loom. An instructor will be assigned based on instructor availability and time requested. Additional tutoring hours are available for $40/hour. Ongoing. Available until June 30, 2015Open
Small Group Mentoring for a Floor LoomCoordinator: Linda Rouse$120 + $10 loom maintenance members
not available non members
Student provides own materials. Handout fee if applicable.
This fee is based on 10 hours of instructor mentoring. Additional time can be arranged at a rate of $20/student for 2 additional hours based on 3 students. This program is set up for those wishing to advance their weaving abilities on a floor loom. Instructor will focus on the individual needs of the group, whether itís winding a warp, dressing a loom or planning and implementing a project. Each group is no less and no more than 3 students. The members of the group will determine days and times in 2-hour sessions. Students are expected to complete the project on their own or with their group. An instructor will be assigned based on time and availability. Group size: 3 students minimum/maximum. Prerequisite: Must have taken Beginning Weaving, Pt I & II.Ongoing. Available until June 30, 2015.Open
Planning a Weaving ProjectCoordinator: Linda Rouse$40 for 2 hours + $10 loom fee members
not available non members

3 students minimum / maximum. Need help planning a weaving project? Meet with a weaving instructor to plan the weaving project of your choice. You will get help with calculating the amount of materials needed based on the project and materials to be used. Date and time TBD. An instructor will be assigned based on time and availability.Ongoing. Available until June 30, 2015.Open

Class Instructor Cost Description Date Status
Intermediate Spinning 201Pat Maley$110 members
$135 non members
Materials fee payable to instructor
If you have just learned to spin, if you want to learn how to improve your spinning, or if you want to learn the tricks of spinning yarn to the size and texture that you want, this is the class for you. You will spin a variety of fibers, learn to make the wheel do what you want it to, and learn to control the size and type of yarn that you spin. Bring lunch.Wednesday, May 13 & 20, 9am-3pmOpen

Class Instructor Cost Description Date Status

Class Instructor Cost Description Date Status

Class Instructor Cost Description Date Status

Other Techniques
Class Instructor Cost Description Date Status
Mandala Design Made EasyCindy Sturdevant$60 members
$85 non members
Materials fee payable to instructor
A mandala design is typically circular with design elements radiating outward from a center point (similar to a kaleidoscope), creating radial balance or radial symmetry. There are many traditions that use the mandala to symbolize the cosmos, harmony, wisdom, or as an aid to meditation (e.g. rose windows, hex signs on Pennsylvania Dutch barns, Hindu and Buddhist art, etc.) In this class, we will learn to make several simple and/or complex mandala designs. Each circular design will be 12" in diameter. You will also learn to add color using a variety of colored pencil techniques. Your mandala designs may become a stand alone work of art or can function as a working pattern for a future fiber project including punch needle, rug hooking, tapestry, dyeing and quilting.
Bring #2 pencil(s), a good eraser, an assortment of colored pencils, a good pencil sharpener, standard compass, sharp scissors suitable for cutting card stock, and a 12" ruler. Bring lunch. Class limit: 10.
Friday, May 8, 10am-3pmOpen
Needle-Felted Woodland Animal - Baby Opossum, OliverMichelle Christman$110 members
$135 non members
$10 materials fee payable to instructor
Prerequisite: Intermediate needle-felting experience.
Learn to needle-felt a whimsical woodland critter! Over a wire armature, we will use core wool and carded wool batts in shades of pink, black, white and gray. Our baby opossum will hang from his tail, and measure 11" from pink tail to little pink nose. "Oliver" will also feature expressive pink wrapped wire paws and black glass eyes. Materials fee includes all wool, wire, floral tape,a nd glass eyes to craft your doll.
Bring needle-felting tools. A list of additional helpful supplies will be provided upon registration. Bring lunch. Class limit: 6.
Monday, May 11 & 18, 10am-3pmOpen